Magic Stick

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Magic Stick
Magic Stick Logo.jpg
Background Information


Early 1990's


Rock, Indie, Punk, Hip Hop, Dance


500, 750 Standing


Majestic Theatre Center


4120 Woodward Ave
Detroit, MI


(313) 833-9700





The Magic Stick got its start in the early 90's when the Majestic's owners removed eight bowling lanes from the second floor alley, replacing them with ten pool tables and a dance floor. The concept quickly caught on as the basement motif provided an ideal backdrop for the burgeoning garage, alt rock and electronic scenes in Detroit. Later, the remaining four upstairs lanes were removed and the dance floor was expanded to complete the construction of what would become one of city's legendary rock rooms.


In late 2014/early 2015 the nostalgic Stick name was retired and more than $400,000 was spent to create in the space where rock bands such as the White Stripes once cut their teeth a sleek dance venue and leased to Amir Daiza who opened as an EDM nightclub. Populux was dogged by controversy from the outset in spring 2015. An anti-Black Lives Matter post appeared on the new club's Twitter account in July of 2016. The incident — which drew national attention and prompted artists to cancel in protest. This was the final straw for a venue already under fire from some corners of the local music community and Populux closed Permanently.

Dave Zainea said after Populux closed, the space would reopen in September as the Magic Stick again once the decor is renovated to meet the "aesthetic of a rock venue," possibly including the return of the Magic Stick's trademark pool tables. The reopened club will feature an eclectic schedule of indie rock, hip-hop, dance music and jam bands.

The Magic Stick did reopen and located above the Garden Bowl, the Magic Stick is home to ten billiard tables, a full bar and lounge area, one of Detroit's best jukeboxes and has become one of the nation's most acclaimed small live music venues once again. When there's no live music, the Magic Stick is open for billiards and beverages until 2 a.m."

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