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The Magic Bag
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Background Information




Music Venue, Movie House, Rental Space


22920 Woodward Ave
Ferndale, MI 48220



Box Office Hours

10am - 5pm
Monday - Friday


Upcoming Shows



Opened in 1921 as the Ferndale Theatre, this 425-seat theater was renamed the Studio North in 1961 and began screen art house and independent films, which continued until around 1976. It then switched to adult films. For years, its owners, the city of Ferndale and Oakland County were involved in legal battles, over charges of prostitution as well as various other charges, and in 1989, the city of Ferndale finally succeeded in shutting the Studio North down.

In 1991, after an extensive renovation it reopened as the Magic Bag Theatre, all-purpose venue which featured concerts as well as “brew ‘n’ view”-style movie screenings. In 1996 at age 23 Jeremy Haberman bought the Magic Bag. He overhauled the interior, installed tiered seating sections and turned it into a world-class venue it is today. Sadly Jeremy was diagnosed with stage-four lung cancer in late 2009. He sold the Magic Bag in 2013 as the illness took its toll, finally succumbing to the illness in December of 2014.

The Magic Bag Lives on!! In addition to live concerts, The Magic Bag offers up the venue to showcase talents to family and friends. With occupancy of up to 300 seated while maintaining an intimate yet comfortable atmosphere. It's perfect space for annual sales meetings, office parties, birthdays, weddings, bar mitzvah's, bachelor or bachelorette parties and more!

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