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Ken Settle
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Music Photographer

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1970's - Present



Ken Settle shot his first concert when he was just 11 years old. It was 1971, and Creedence Clearwater Revival was playing at Cobo Hall. Back then, concert security was lax. If you had a camera and acted important, no one questioned you.

Through the years, Ken’s photos have been published worldwide in magazines such as Guitar Player, Rolling Stone, the original Creem Magazine, People, Playboy, Guitar World, Japan’s Player, France’s Guitarist, and England’s Kerrang! as well as major newspapers.

Numerous album and book projects have featured Ken’s work, including Alligator Records 20th Anniversary CD, Grand Funk’s live album, “Bosnia,” Tom Wheeler’s books, “The Stratocaster Chronicles” and “The Soul Of Tone,” and Martin Scorsese’s companion book to the groundbreaking PBS documentary, “The Blues.” Ken’s work has appeared widely in television production as well. VH1 has used his photos extensively in such shows as “Behind The Music,”

Ken’s performance stills were used for Tom Petty’s television advertising for the “Into The Great Wide Open” album, as well as Bob Seger’s video for his classic “Turn The Page.” His photos even appeared in the early 90’s as set decoration for the television sitcom, Roseanne.

The Hard Rock Café acquired 153 of Ken’s exhibition prints for its international collection and installations, and several of his images were exhibited in People Magazine’s traveling exhibition, “Through The Years With People.” Twenty of Ken’s photos were chosen for inclusion in the Kodak Rock Photography Collection, touted as a collection of “500 of the greatest rock photos of the past 50 years.” A limited edition of 100 of one of Ken’s Stevie Ray Vaughan prints was purchased by the Fender Musical Instrument Company, which included one print in each of its 100 Stevie Ray Vaughan Tribute Series Stratocaster guitar packages.

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