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Jet Plastic Recordings
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Background Information




Jarrett Koral




Rock & Roll, Blues, Punk


Metro Detroit



Jett Plastic Recordings is a Record Label founded by Jarrett Koral in 2012 when he was 14. Jarrett has always been around records, His uncle owns Melodies & Memories in Eastpointe, MI. where his father works. In Mid 2012 after talking with Greg Beyer, frontman of local Detroit indie band After Dark Amusement Park Jarrett sold off some of his personal record collection to come up with the money to pay for his first pressing, a seven-inch 45 rpm for After Dark Amusement Park. That was towards the end of 2012, preceding a renewed interest in vinyl from the record-buying public that’s keeping a steady stream of orders coming in to his label.

Since then, Jett Plastic Recordings has released music from an additional acts falling under the rock and roll, blues, punk and hardcore categories. Jarrett comments “I know it sounds corny, but the label is mainly me trying to put out what I like and want to get other people to listen to. What I was trying to do is let them have an outlet for their music. I was just trying to help out.”

Jarrett is also a freelance Writer for the Detroit Metro Times.


Artist Title Catalog # Year
After Dark Amusement Park Atom Bomb (7", Vinyl) JPR-001 2012
Bootsey X Women's Love Rites (12" LP, Vinyl) JPR-002 2013
The Buzzards You Got Me Down(7", Vinyl EP) JPR-003 2015
Bantam Rooster Tarantula ‎(7", Vinyl) JPR-004 2015
The ILL Itches Hallelujah (7", Vinyl) JPR-005 2014
Kenny Tudrick Church Hill Downs (7", Vinyl) JPR-006 2015
Various Secret Friends Fest 2014 ‎(Cassette - Compilation) JPR-007 2014
The Audionics 'Wait A Minute' ‎(7", Vinyl) JPR-008 2014
The Pizza Underground PU Demos ‎(7", Vinyl) JPR-009 2015
Necros Live In '85 (12" LP, Vinyl) JPR-010 2014
The Lonely Teardrops, Dexter Romweber, Deadly Lo-Fi Muchacho ‎(7", Vinyl) JPR-011 2015
Radio Burns Radio Burns (7", Vinyl) JPR-012 2015
Dex Romweber & Crash LaResh (12" LP, Vinyl) JPR-013 2015
The Holy Motors Slant Six (7" EP, Vinyl) JPR-014 2015
Cosmic Light Shapes Nebula ‎(12", Vinyl) JPR-015 2016
Rocket 455 Go To Hell ‎(12" LP, Vinyl) JPR-016 2016
Billy Davis Billy Davis (12" LP, Vinyl) JPR-017 2018
The Britemores The Britemores (12" LP, Vinyl/CD) JPR-018 2016
Todd Albright Fourth Floor Visitor (12" LP, Vinyl/CD) JPR-019 2016
Rocket 455 Late Nite ‎(7", Vinyl) JPR-020 2016
Corey Feldman Go 4 It (Feat. Snoop Dogg) ‎(7", Vinyl) JPR-021 2016
Various Artists Fantastic Voyage: In Tribute, V1 (7", Vinyl) JPR-022 2017
Früt One Hand In The Darkness (7", Vinyl)) JPR-023 2016
The ILL Itches The ILL Itches (12" LP, Vinyl) JPR-025 2016
TROUT No Use In Wondering Why (7", Vinyl) JPR-027 2017
Tyson Meade Stay Alone (7", Vinyl)) JPR-028 2016
Troy Gregory XAVIERA (2x12", Vinyl) JPR-029 2018
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard Polygondwanaland (12", Vinyl) JPR-030 2018
Riverhorse On A Windy Tree ‎(7", Vinyl) JPR-031 2017
John Sinclair Mobile Homeland (7", Vinyl) JPR-032 2016
Tyson Meade Kitchens & Bathrooms (12", Vinyl) JPR-035 2017
Caveman & Bam Bam Early Man (12", Vinyl) JPR-036 2017
Dooley Wilson Welcome To Bluesville, Eugene (12", Vinyl) JPR-033 2017
White Mystery Sweet Relief (7", Vinyl) JPR-034 2017
White Shag White Shag (12", Vinyl) JPR-037 2017
The Idiot Kids Skeleton Boy (7", Vinyl) JPR-042 2017
The Britemores Here I Stand (7", Vinyl) JPR-044 2017
Tyson Meade Robbing The Nuclear Family (12", Vinyl) JPR-045 2017
Various Artists It's The JettBlast Fest 2017 Comp, Man (12", Vinyl) JPR-049 2017
Chainsaw Kittens Chainsaw Kittens (12", Vinyl) JPR-052 2018
Paul Orwell ‘Speak Of The Devil’ b/w ‘These Are The Good Times (7", Vinyl) JPR-053 2018
Brother Son Growth’ b/w ‘Truth Inside’(7", Vinyl) JPR-060 2018
Hala ‘Sorry’ b/w ‘More Than Anything (7", Vinyl) JPR-061 2018
Trash Brats ‘The Joke's On You’ (12", Vinyl) JPR-065 2018
Trash Brats ‘Out Of The Closet’ (12", Vinyl) JPR-066 2018
Brother Son ‘Young And Pretty’ (CD/ 12", Vinyl) JPR-068 2018
Mexican Knives ‘2’ (12", Vinyl) JPR-069 2018

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