Jane Cassisi

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Jane Cassisi
Jane Cassisi.jpg
Background Information


Grosse Pointe Farms


Music Photographer
Editor, Detroit Blues Society Magazine Blues Notes

Years Active

2013 - Present


Jane Cassisi is a relative newcomer to the Detroit Music photography scene. Starting in late 2013/early 2014 she began photographing Blues Musicians and Bands and since has become one of the premier Blues photographers in the Metro Detroit area. She doesn't do it for money, but for the shear enjoyment of promoting the Blues music scene in Metro Detroit. Her photo's has been featured in local galleries the past couple of years.

Jane also is heavily involved with the Detroit Blues Society. In 2017 she was the Vice President of the nonprofit organization and also She's the editor of the Detroit Blues Society Blues Notes magazine.

Some of Jane's Photos

See all of Jane's photo's on her Facebook page Facebook Photos

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