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Hold Fast is a vinyl only, limited edition record label based in Detroit founded by Rob St. Mary in 2016

The concept, which carries the motto - "A Different Kind of Permanence, comes from a discussion Rob St. Mary, heard while working at WDET-Detroit Public Radio. During an interview on the former WNYC show Soundcheck, an archivist from the Library of Congress talked about the best way to keep America's rich legacy of sound recordings available for future generations. When asked the archivist said out of all the various formats, the best storage medium was a vinyl record.

The reason?

He said, unlike CDs which can rot out due to the glue used in their creation or digital files which need to be backed up and can be lost due to hard drive failure, a vinyl record is simple technology which can be played hundreds of years from now, if stored properly.

With that in mind, Rob takes his cue from great labels that have influenced him over the years with diverse sounds from the likes of Blue Note, Motown, Westbound, A&M, Touch & Go, Ralph, Third Man, Sub Pop, Def Jam, and many others.

Hold Fast is dedicated to the idea of creating new experiences across the audio spectrum in beautiful vinyl only, limited edition formats.


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