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Hanzie Records was founded in 2002 by Bob Monteleone to release the Luck & Trouble's debut album Malfunction Junction. Since then Hanzie Records has been showcasing artists like Dave Edwards, the Belle Islanders and Acoustic Madness.



HR-022 Acoustic Madness Surrounded In Big Town CD 2016 Purchase
HR-021 Black Market Nuclear Reaction CD 2016 Purchase
HR-020 Black Market Nuclear Reaction LP 2016 Purchase
HR-018 Dave Edwards Hearts Desire CD 2015 Purchase
HR-017 Robert Thibodeau Folk Rock Love CD 2014 Purchase
HR-016 Acoustic Madness Acoustic Madness CD 2014 Purchase
HR-015 Belle Islanders Nothings Gonna Stop Us CD 2013 Purchase
HR-014 Dave Edwards The Red Light Is On CD 2013 Purchase
HR-013 Bob & April It's Christmas Time CD 2012 Purchase
HR-012 The Reefermen Sunday Morning Smoke EP 2012 Purchase
HR-015 DDave Edwards Pickin' Singles' 2011 Purchase
HR-011 Acoustic Madness Volume 1 2011 Purchase
HR-010 The Stumbling Mice The Stumbling Mice CD 2009 Purchase
HR-009 Dave Edwards Lone Survivor CD 2009 Purchase
HR-008 Poppie & The Stable Thick Like Grits CD 2008 Purchase
HR-007 Belle Islanders The Belle Islanders CD 2008 Purchase
HR-006 Luck and Trouble Valpo CD 2005 Purchase
HR-005 Dave Edwards Take Another Look CD 2004 Purchase
HR-002 Various Volume One' CD 2003 Purchase
HR-001 Luck and Trouble Malfunction Junction CD 2002 Purchase