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Founded in 2014 by Rosalind Hartigan, Melissa Coppola, and Willa Adamo, who met while volunteering at Girls Rock! Chicago. Girls Rock Detroit is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization a community organization dedicated to fostering creative expression, positive self-esteem and community awareness for girls, women, gender non-conforming, and transgender people through music education and performance.

The Girls Rock Summer Camp Program
A week long program

  • Instrument Lessons: Campers may choose to learn guitar, bass, drums, keyboard or DJ skills. Instruments are assigned first-come, first-served basis and are provided.
  • Band Coaching: Bands are assigned on the first day of camp to an appointed band coach and counselor, and spend the remainder of the week working together to write an original song. Each band attends all workshops together and participates in various team-building activities throughout the week.
  • Workshops: Two per day! Campers participate in two different workshops each day hosted by local guest speakers to build experience, teamwork, and self-esteem. Workshops may cover a wide range of subjects, including vocal technique, recording, managing equipment, body confidence, self defense and women's rock history. Activities like making buttons, zines and t-shirts are fun ways to engage campers in the band experience.
  • End of Camp Extravaganza: At the Saturday showcase, each band will perform their original songs on stage for their friends and family, with a live recording being made and released on Bandcamp, experiencing what it is like to play in a professional setting at a prominent Detroit music venue.


  • Girls Rock Detroit 2017 - Live! (5/2018) Bandcamp
  • Girls Rock Detroit Mixtape (11/2017) Bandcamp
  • Girls Rock Detroit 2015 - Live! (12/2015) Bandcamp
  • Girls Rock Detroit 2016 - Live! (1/2017) Bandcamp

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