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GQ Jazz Ensemble started as a American Songbook standards group but over the years has grown a broader library to include Jazz Standards, Latin, and Swing, with a touch of R&B. The GQ Jazz Ensemble is a group of varying size: three to eight pieces--usually consisting of trumpet, sax, piano, bass & drums. GQ Jazz Ensemble is one of 3 bands run by Garry Greenfelder and GG Music Entertainment. The other 2 bands are the Gary Greenfelder Orchestra and The Dynamic Resonance Brass Quintet.

Music Type

20s, 30s, 40s, Background Music, Christmas/Seasonal, Dance, Dixieland, Jazz, Latin, Standards, Swing, Wedding Music.

Event Types

Ceremonial/Graduation, Concert, Club Date, Cocktail Hour, Community Event/Celebration, Corporate/Industrial, Dance, Dinner Party, Educational/School Concert, Festival, Fundraiser/Political Event, Holiday/Christmas Celebration, Nursing Home/Retirement Community, Party, Reception, Studio/Recording Session, Wedding Receptions.


Gary Greenfelder -Trumpet & Band Leader


In the Fourth grade band program Gary fell in love with learning the trumpet and has played for over 48 years. also plays in the The Gary Greenfelder Orchestra & The Dynamic Resonance Brass Quintet.

Rich Kowalewski - Double Bass


Rich began playing Guitar in the late 60's performing Pop. Blues and Rhythm and Blues. He also plays Six, Five, Four String Fretted and Fretless Bass Guitars, Guitar and Cavaquinho. He has been playing for over 40 years.

Barb Robinson - Keyboard


Barb always wanted to play piano like her mom. Her dad taught her a song when she was 5 years old she played it over & over & over until she was given lessons to learn some new songs. Barb has been playing for 50+ years.

Eric Lundquist - Alto Clarinet, Flute


Eric Started playing piano and accordion at five-years-old In addition to playing the Alto Clarinet, Flute, Eric also plays the Tenor Sax, Alto Flute. He has been has been playing music for over 65 years.

Justin Jozwiak - Tenor Saxophone


Justin has been playing music for over 33 years and also plays the Clarinet, Flute & Keyboard. " I picked clarinet out of a coloring book as my instrument of choice. My dad bought a used one from a friend and I began taking private lessons in the fourth grade".

George Weitecha - Drums


George always wanted to play the drums, and after he broke my arm playing football in 8th grade & got the cast off, he needed to strengthen his arm. So took lessons at age 13 and started playing drums. George has been playing drums for over 38 years.


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