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dr Swift
Dr Swift Logo.jpg
Background Information


Bloomfield Hills


Rock, Pop, Soul

Years Active

2010 - Present




Chris Campbell - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Dave McKay - Bass, Vocals
Paul Raab - Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Duane Allen Harlick - Lead Vocalist, Guitar
Holly Derderian - Lead Vocalist, Percussion



Past Members

Eric Fritts, Paul Hemond, Robert Lincoln Lewis, Brian Harris, Patrick Curry


Formed in Bloomfield Hills in 2010, dr Swift plays a broad array of music from the Rolling Stones to The Black Crowes, The Cars to The Killers, Adelle to Amy Winehouse, Led Zeppelin to Journey, Sam Cooke to Cee Lo Green, Aretha to Lady Gaga, and even a little Johnny Cash. They play songs that make you want to dance.


Chris Campbell

Lead Guitar & Vocals

Chris Campbell .jpg

Whether it’s a song featuring Jimmy Page, Steve Howe, John McLaughlin, Stevie Ray, or Jimi Hendrix Chris can shred it, but Chris can also play jazz, bluegrass, classical, and funk with conviction. Chris is the architect of dr Swift. He uses a variety of guitars, amps, pedals, and techniques to add all the right colors to every song dr Swift plays.


Dave McKay

Bass, Vocals

Dave McKay.jpg

Dave is a solid bass player, who went to Berklee College of Music in the ‘80’s and throws in Jaco Pastorious licks in the most unlikely places. Dave isn’t one of those bass players who just stands there, he’s always dancing to the music. His energy helps power the band. On stage, his face radiates the joy he feels when he is playing music with dr Swift.


Paul Raab

Drums, Vocals

Paul Raab.jpg

Whether its funk, rock or fusion, Paul has a rock solid groove that compliments Dave McKay’s thumping bass lines. Detroit veteran, Paul has worked with some of the finest groups this city has to offer, now in the lineup with Dr Swift.


Duane Allen Harlick

Lead Vocals, Guitar

Duane Allen Harlick .jpg

Duane Allen Harlick is a multi-award winning singer/songwriter/guitarist and producer offering a vast mix of original music drawn from pop, rock, jazz, R&B, country and other American roots. Winner of Billboard, John Lennon, Just Plain Folks and Black Crystal songwriting contests. Songs have been recorded by: Ralphe Armstrong, Thelma Houston, David Sanborn, Luther Vandross, Philip Ingram, Pete Kehoe, The Regular Boys, Charles Anthony, David Shelby and others. Duane is a seasoned veteran who brings his extraordimairy vocal and guitar talent to Dr Swift.


Holly Derderian

Lead Vocals, Percussion

Holly Derderian.jpg

Holly has a wonderful rich tone to her voice and a broad range. She soars over Eric on songs like Gimme Shelter, shows some Memphis soul singing Dusty’s Son of a Preacher Man, and rocks the house with Rock & Roll. While Holly belts out the classics she also can deliver Alanis’ angst on You Oughta Know, and get funky with Lady GaGa.



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