Devar and the Detroiters

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Devar and the Detroiters
DEVAR and the Detroiters.jpg
Background Information




Blues, Classic Rock, Motown

Years Active

2016 - Present


Mark Devar - Guitar & Vocals
Nino Cercone - Drums & Vocals
Terry "T-Bone" Bradley - Bass & Vocals

Past Members

Lance Bowen


Devar and the Detroiters L-R
T-Bone Bradley, Mark Devar, Nino Cercone

Devar and the Detroiters cover great old Motown Covers, Classic Rock & Blues. All share in vocals bring you a variety of that good old Funky Rockin Blues right out of the Motor City. Their first gig was Saturday April 30th 2016 at O’Kelly Lounge & Banquet Hall in Dearborn. Debuting as Devar, the band had the three current members Mark Devar aka Mark DerVartanian, Nino Cercone, Terry "T-Bone" Bradley and a fourth member Lance Bowen on keyboards.


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