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"We make music for the dance floor"

Detroit Techno Records was founded in 2009 by Mollison Folson & Derrick Lewis as a digital label with hopes of enabling new artists from the land of techno with the ability to be released worldwide. DTR has always embraced the classic sound of Detroit techno music as a small independent label, but being able to add the street edge of the artist who appear or produce the tracks is what makes the label raw.

DTR has releases from: Suburban Knight, Body Mechanic, Ray 7, DJ Spade, 207737, Dick Whyte & The Nasty Boys and Lego tha Cook who leads the label with the number one EP "Soul". New comers Sean Tate and the duo Folson & Tate are now changing the sound of Detroit Techno bringing back that hard Detroit sound.


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Folson & Tate Breakthrough 2017
Body Mechanic Blue Monday 2017
Detroit Electronic Authority Wonder Woman 2017
Body Mechanic Let's Rock This Party 2017
Body Mechanic Cherry 2000 2017
Sean Tate, Mollison "The Body Mechanic" Folson Journey 2 Omega Centauri 2017
Sean Tate A Matter Of Creation EP 2017
Body Mechanic The Return of ghettotech 2016
Lego tha Cook Soul Journey 2016
DJ Spade Industrial Beings 2016
DJ Spade Le Trou Noir 2016
Lego tha Cook Electronic House 2016
Body Mechanic Westworld' 2016
Dick Whyte & the Nasty Boys MWD 2016
Sean Tate, Mollison "The Body Mechanic" Folson Underworld EP 2016
Various Artist Compilation h3o Greatest Misses 2016
Sean Tate Trust Your Soul-Reworked 2016
Folson & Tate The Underworld EP 2016
207737 Tech No Smooth 2016
DJ Spade Sunrise 2016
Sean Tate Sean Tate EP 2015
DTR 9000 Mollison "The Body Mechanic" Folson Ain't That House 2016
Sean Tate PeaceOfMine (The Remixes) 2015
Music made for cats only Techno For The Hip Cat 2015
Music made for dogs only Techno Made 4 My Dogs 2015
Various Artist Compilation DTR Year 5 2011
DTR2013 Various Artist Compilation Illuminati 2010
DP002 207737 The Black EP 2010
DP001 Suburban Knight Carnality Of Suburban Knight 2010
DTR09 Lego tha Cook Soul Journey 2009
DTRMC0001 Body Mechanic Love Music Sex Romance 2009

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