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Delta Twins
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Rock, Soul, Blues, Funk

Years Active

2009 - Present


Crosswaves Music



Bob Young - vocals, keys, blues harp, guitar
Tom Kozanecki - bass guitar
Terry Birkett - lead guitar
Doug Austin - drums


Classic covers carefully mixed with outstanding originals. Songs about what is... and what could be. Old school rock, soul, & blues meets modern.

Delta Twins 2018

Delta Twins is a four-man blues/rock/soul band that is known around southeast Michigan for their soulful vocals, passionate guitar solos, and poignant original lyrics that explore and celebrate the human condition. Songs like “Work My Blues Away” and “Workingman” pay homage to the hard-working blue collar ethic for which Detroit is known. “Stirring Up The Muddy Waters” melds blues, rock, and jazz into a tantalizing stew, while songs like “Fool For You” will leave you breathless.

Though Delta Twins’ sound is broader than just the blues genre, they have been a finalist in the Detroit Blues Challenge, as well as a nominee for Outstanding Blues Artist in the Detroit Music Awards. Several of their songs have also won songwriting competitions.

Lead singer Bob Young “digs deep and lets lyrics fly with a salt of the Earth gusto that is as true as the music he’s playing.” (Heath Andrews, album review). He also handles keys and occasionally wails on harmonica. His “twin brother of another mother” Tom Kozanecki provides a steady rhythmic anchor as he locks in on bass with rock-solid drummer Doug Austin. Veteran guitarist Terry Birkett brings both the tasteful ambiance and the scorching fire. Delta Twins will take you on a wild musical journey and bring you back home safely… but different… better.

Delta Twins released their most recent album - Nothing Left But Hope - on Fri Sep 19, 2014 at Trinity House Theatre in Livonia, Nothing Left But Hope is an engaging collection of a dozen blues, rock, soul, funk originals recorded live and enhanced in the studio to create an amazing experience: individual songs that sound great and have that live energy, but a unified collection that takes you on a great sonic journey (especially in headphones).

Delta Twins previous album, The Seasons & The Scars, is captivating musical journey through the ups and downs of life and the keepsakes left in its wake. It features old school blues, classic rock, and thoughtful Americana, exploring themes drenched in honest longing with a twist of hope.Recorded live at the Hard Rock Cafe in Detroit, Michigan and mixed at their own Sky’s The Limit Studios in Farmington, Michigan, Brett Callwood of the Metro Times remarked, “kudos to the people behind the desk because it sounds great…[and] the songs are strong… they take pride in their songs and their DIY production ethic.“

Reviewer Heath Andrews had this to say:

The amount of energy that radiates off of this album is almost unheard of for a set of studio recordings. Even if it’s not a perfect record, it’s still one that demands listening to from fans of rocking blues. And just as important for Delta Twins, this acts as a reminder to the rest of the world about the powerful music force that Detroit was and continues to be.

On the strength of this album, the Delta Twins have performed at clubs, theaters, and festivals in the Great Lakes region including Detroit’s Greektown Casino, Arts Beats & Eats festival, Detroit River Days festival, The Strand Concert Theater in Fremont, Ohio, and many of the top clubs in the area. But what should really matter to you is the music. And if you’re a “liner notes junkie”, the Delta Twins have taken it several steps beyond by writing a “behind the music” book entitled The Seasons & The Scars Companion, available in both paperback and Kindle formats at

Deep Blues/Rock for the Soul. Delta Twins.


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