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Crescendo Detroit, a 501c3 nonprofit was incorporated in January 2013. Their neighborhood based program engages youth between the ages of 5 and 18 in extracurricular programs centered on instrumental music and dance. Located in the Dexter-Davison neighborhood, their program is inspired by the “El Sistema” in Venezuela, a program of free classical music education to youth that started in 1975.

Core Values
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We value diversity and inclusion – We believe that a quality music education should be available to ALL of Detroit’s students and we will strive to deliver our program to every student in every neighborhood. We value a culture of and an expectation for success – We will create a positive environment that celebrates success, and one that maintains a culture of excellence and discipline and holds high expectations We value the enrichment of the whole child – Not only will our students develop musically, but they will become thoughtful, inquisitive and positive citizens overall. We value stability, longevity and continuity – We will provide a multi-year program in which students learn and grow individually and as a community over many years. We value collaboration – We will work collaboratively, cooperatively and communally amongst ourselves, with our students’ families, with their schools and with the neighborhood at large. We value learning and growth opportunities for our students – We will explore, foster and generate opportunities for our students to learn and grow to their fullest potential through experiences in other communities. We value synergy, cooperation and unity – We will use our Mission, Vision and Core Values to ensure that, as the number of our locations grows, their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects.


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Students who enroll in Crescendo Detroit’s Instrumental Music Program will develop a solid foundation in the fundamentals of music including music theory and understanding musical notation, vocabulary and symbols. The students will acquire this solid foundation in music through the performance in a bucket band. Students in the beginning course who master the fundamentals will also be allowed to experiment with drums, bass guitar, and keyboard. Students will have regular performances throughout this first session and students will acquire the skills, abilities, understandings and attitudes necessary to express themselves musically as individuals and as members of an ensemble.


Students who enroll in Crescendo Detroit’s Dance course will have intensive study in Modern, Ballet, Hip Hop and dance genres from around the globe. Dance techniques such as: Horton, Graham and Dunham will be studied. In addition influential dance companies and dancers like The Alvin Ailey Dance Theater, Judith Jameson, Gregory Hines, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Anna Pavlova, Bob Fosse, and Lester Horton will be studied in depth. Students will have every opportunity to see live professional dance productions on a regular basis. Crescendo Detroit’s intensive Dance courses will help students develop discipline, focus, self-esteem and good character.

Life Skills

Our life skills program will cover the following:

  • Teach students how to have empathy for others by learning to view situations from another person’s perspective
  • Teach how to express themselves with their own voice and how to appropriately use “I-messages”
  • Listening to a request and respond appropriately
  • Build positive peer relations and conflict resolution
  • Building leadership skills
  • Dealing with stress and anger management


Students are divided into three groups so that each child can receive appropriate instruction for their skill level and age:

  • Our “early” school kids will spend time reading stories. They are asked questions to work on reading comprehension. They also will cover sight words to practive spelling and meaning. The content is taken from the Dolch Word List
  • Our “middle” group will practice reading stories aloud, reading comprehension and appropriate vocabulary
  • Our “older” children will participate in group discussions on age appropriate readings, focusing in on individual opinions on the topics


Our slogan for our nutrition program is “Nutrition, because it matters.” Our chef has over 35 years experience in preparing meals at childrens camps. He plans out a 15 day rotating meal plan, which includes snacks and plenty of fluids to keep the kids hydrated, especially during the hot and humid summer days. The signature part of our nutrition program is our fresh salad bar with plenty of fruits and vegetables for the kids. Our chef also oversees the work of several volunteers to make sure everything is clean and fresh for the kids, staff and guest.


Crescendo Detroit
18696 Cherrylawn St
Detroit, Michigan

(313) 310-3383


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