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CSO grew out of Craig Strain's belief that it was time for a fresh face in the field of Detroit's Big Bands. The concept is one that draws from the rich heritage of the contemporary big bands with Jazz, Swing and Rhythm & Blues as the basis for the band's library. Music made popular by artists such as Count Basie, Frank Sinatra, Randy Crawford, Sarah Vaughn, Ray Charles and Joe Cocker is typical of the music performed by CSO. One of the aspects that makes CSO unique, it its ability to cross over into the pop/R&B genre in a convincing manner while being a superb interpretor of the traditional big band repertoire

What started out as an experiment to perform some of Craig Strain's arrangements quickly blossomed into an exciting and diverse band capable of generating great music. The members represent an impressive cross section of some of the Detroit area's finest musicians.


  • Keith Kaminksi
  • Robert Reeves
  • Steve Wood
  • Jack Johnson
  • Shannon Ford



  • Steve Fleck
  • Liz White
  • Bob Clark
  • John Martin


  • Peter Kopera


  • Rick Davis


  • James Simonson


  • Jim Ryan