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Collision Six
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Background Information




Rock, Pop, R&B, Soul, Funk, Motown

Years Active

2002 - Present



Sarah Rappaport - vocals
Kerry Srot - vocals, keys
Matt Rappaport - guitar, vocals
Evan Sherman lead guitar, vocals
Stefan Schram bass, vocals
Jeff Supina - drums, percussion, vocals
Nick ('Stone') Wilczynski - sax
Michael Scott Taylor - keys



Collision Six is a fun, energetic and versatile cover band that knows how to engage the crowd and keep the dance floor full. Whether playing at a Corporate event, Casinos, Clubs or Weddings, they're passionate about being the best at what they do -- which is creating an unforgettable evening for clients and their guests. They achieve that by collaborating with the client, learning about their vision and working together to bring it to life. They're NOT a bunch of hired-gun musicians. They are a professional band that plays together every weekend, rehearses every week and takes pride in putting on an amazing show!


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Sarah Rappaport


Sarah Rappaport.png

Sarah started singing in high school and has since performed classical music in various choirs, the National Anthem at Chrysler events and Detroit Shock basketball games, and in a variety of local events. Sarah originally started filling in for c6 in June 2007 and was quickly asked to remain a full-time member. If you want energy, excitement and a voice that will ignite your party, look no further than Sarah.


Kerry Srot


Kerry Srot.png
Kerry spent several years building up some serious pipes. After starting in small chorus groups as a child, he continued his vocal training at Macomb Community College, performing
with the showchoir called The Macombers. Kerry was also a member of local bands Dealey Plaza and Sydney in Color. Needless to say, Kerry feels right at home on stage. Shortly after responding to an ad for a lead singer in early April 2009, Kerry won over the members of Collision Six and never looked back. Look for Kerry rocking out the vocals next to Sarah and helping with those 3 part harmonies all night, every show, one hundred percent.


Matt Rappaport

Rhythm Guitar/Vocals

Matt Rappaport.png

In October 2000, after too many mundane weekends, Matt decided to do something more productive with his time - learn to play guitar. After several years of experimenting with other instruments, Matt feels he finally found his home with the old six string. Matt is a career Collision Six Man - helping start the band back in 2002 and remaining the only original member of the group. If you're looking for lots of energy and a sincere projection of the love of music, direct your attention to Matt's side of the stage.


Evan Sherman

Lead Guitar/Vocals

Evan Sherman.png

Evan got a guitar from his parents for his 12th birthday, shortly after music and guitar became his obsession. What sets Evan apart from many guitarists is his ability to improvise, assuring that every Collision Six show is a new experience. Before Evan joined up with C6, he studied guitar performance and music education at Berklee College of Music where he studied under world class musicians. You may have also seen Evan in the past playing with his original band Bloomill. Today he teaches private lessons on guitar, piano, bass, and drums through his company Mobile Music Education and shares his love of music with his students.


Stefan Schram


Stefan Schram.png

Stefan comes from a long line of musicians and has had one thing or another to do with music since birth, though he didn't touch his first bass guitar until the age of 14. Finally feeling the resonance he had been missing all those years, he attacked the instrument with reckless abandon and achieved stunning results. Stefan adds a completely new dimension to the sound of Collision Six, whether through his funky adaptations of the same tired old bass lines or the sweet sounds that come from having that 6-string bass. These days, simply attending a Collision Six show opens your world to the new and exciting opportunity to feel something you've never before heard: Stefan Schram.


Nick ('Stone') Wilczynski


Nick Wilczynski.jpg

Nick is a saxophonist and EWI (electric sax) player who studied with both Detroit's George Benson and Donald Walden. He has performed extensively throughout the metro Detroit area since 2000. Nick was a part of the touring band for singer Ne-Yo from 2009-2011 and then received the opportunity to begin performing with R&B legend Charlie Wilson, who he is with at present as a soloist. Nick lives in Dearborn with two cats.


Jeff Supina


Jeff Supina.png

Raised on only the finest collection of classics from such artists as the Beatles, the Monkees and many more by a kick ass family, Jeff humbly and thankfully developed skills of intricate rhythm and delicate melody at an early age. It is suggested that the many years that have passed since then were accompanied by hours of singing and pounding on random items and would be instruments that pair impeccably alongside a brain filled with equal measures of rubbish, madness, and the sheer passion for the indescribable soundscape that only music can provide. You may have seen him perform with such acts a The Weakend and Glossies before being asked ever mildly by a fellow man of the drum throne, the great Kev Sev, to step into the C6 world for a favor and change of pace.


Michael Taylor


Michael Taylor.jpg

Michael Scott Taylor was born and bred in Detroit. After years being involved in the Detroit music scene, he joined C6 in 2015 and completely transformed the Collision Six sound. Outside of the band, Mike performs with Jukeboxx Inc. on bass, key-bass, and keys. You can also see him performing weekly at New Beginnings Cathedral, where he is the Music Director.



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