Circle of Sound

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The Circle of Sound
The Circle of Sound Band Logo.png
Background Information




R&B, Funk, Soul, Pop, Classic Rock

Years Active

2012 - Present


Tracey Rich - Guitar
Marvin Brown - Bass
Kevin Knott - Keyboard
Shawn Mims - Drums
Tabitha Rasul - Lead Vocals
Vernie SmoothieSmooth Ingram - Vocals



The Circle of Sound band is based in Detroit and the musicians and singers come from all across the Metro Detroit area. They have been playing together since 2012 and have performed at local nightclubs like Greektown Casino, Club Waterfalls, Friends, The Timber Wolf Lounge, Hangovers, The Ebony Showcase Lounge, and Club Fire Water. Their music mix includes R&B, Funk, Soul, Pop, and Classic Rock songs.

The group plays a wide variety of music from such artists like Arethea Franklin, Johnny Guitar Watson , Jill Scott , Kem , Stevie Wonder, Bob Seger and the group America to name a few.


Tracey Rich

Tracey Rich.jpg

Tracey is an accomplished guitarist with a funky sound that matches his look. he has played with groups like "Kaos", "Leilani" and "Real Deal" and alongside musicians like James Jamerson, Jr., David Brandon and Gerald Lyles of The Enchantments. Tracey has performed at the Music Hall Jazz Cafe, Old Redford Theater, Greektown Casino, and Waterfalls.


Marvin Brown

Marvin Brown.jpg

Marvin provides the heartbeat for the group with his rhythmic bass notes. A former member of the Mumford High School stage band, Marvin has played with some of the top musicians and bands around town, including "That Band", "Chemical Punch" and "Leilani".


Shawn Mims

Shawn Mims.jpg

Shawn keeps the beat for the Circle of Sound band. He started out as a church drummer and later played for "The Meeting of the Minds" and "That Band". He has performed at the Greektown Casino and opened for Dwele. He considers himself a "pocket drummer" and he wants people to feel what he feels in the music when he plays.


Kevin Knott

Kevin Knott.jpg

Kevin's agile digits run up and down the keyboard to provide the fabulous melodies for the Circle of Sound band. He performed in the band "Da Swing" as an opening act for "Blue Magic", "Enchantment", "The Floaters", and Ronnie Laws. He has played at renowned venues like Cliff Bell's, Baker's Keyboard Lounge, The Fox Theatre, and Joe Louis Arena. Kevin also had a stint with the Fabulous Falcons and toured nationally with Arista recording artist, Kiara.


Tabitha Rasul

Tabitha Rasul.jpg

Tabitha is lead singer for the Circle of Sound band. She grew up singing Gospel and later sang with the Motown Legends Gospel Choir. She has sung backup for Martha Reeves and has performed for shows at Hart Plaza and The Music Hall. Tabitha is currently one of three Praise Worship Leaders at her church. She has a powerful voice backed by a powerful passion for singing.


Vernie SmoothieSmooth Ingram

Vernie SmoothieSmooth Ingram.jpg



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