Church Mice

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Church Mice
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Background Information




Alternative Rock

Years Active

2018 - Present


Christian Thompson - Guitar, Vocals
Rob Dawson - Keyboards
Matt Walsh - Bass
Dan Dobrovich - Drums
Bill Solomonson - Guitar, Vocals


Church Mice: L-R Dan Dobrovich, Rob Dawson, Christian Thompson, Matt Walsh, Bill Solomonson

Christian Thompson founder of Church Mice writes on Soundcloud. In May of 2017, I attended the concert of one of my hero's in music, Soundgarden. Chris Cornell was roughly my age when he took his own life shortly after being on stage in Detroit - I was there to witness his final notes sung. His death touched me and sparked my creative soul in a way I cant explain. I decided I needed to get back into music, sing the songs in my heart and perform live again, never know.

I knew that these songs needed to be heard by a larger audience, so (after posting on SoundCloud) I submitted to the Arts, Beats & Eats festival; this is the third largest festival of its type in the country. Out of 500+ submissions, I was selected to be one of the 180 performers for 2018. Small problem - I DIDN'T HAVE A BAND! Because I truly didn't expect an unknown artist, with no gigs, no CD's could possibly get accepted.

The band I hand selected consists of dear friends from my Church Community; Rob Dawson - keyboards, Matt Walsh - Bass, Dan Dobrovich - Drums These are some of the finest musicians around, and I consider them brothers. The other member is Bill Solomonson - guitar and vocals. Bill and I have been making music together since 8th grade - some of it is actually not half bad! Bill is truly my best bud and I am so thankful.

The songs that folks will hear at any of our live performances are an accumulation of my SoundCloud recordings, songs Bill wrote for our band Letterbox as well as a few songs from our college years, mostly penned by myself and Billy.

Having taken my "mini dream" this far, my next goal is to get on a national stage - somewhere, somehow - and play these songs of my heart. Thank you for learning my story.


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