Carl Henry

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Carl Henry
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Background Information




Blues, Folk, Country

Years Active

1980's - Present



Guitar, Dobro

Associated Acts

The Carl Henry Band


Singer/Songwriter Carl Henry has been a Detroit music scene "favorite secret" for the past twenty plus years. He’s played venues, stages and clubs throughout the metro Detroit area and many parts of the US. He’s had the pleasure to meet and perform with many of the greats in Blues music. He has perfected his craft the only way he felt he should, from them, and by exceeding his audience’s expectations with each performance. Carl plays both the guitar and dobro with an energy & passion that you must see, hear & feel to believe. His earthy, sometimes gritty vocals come from the heart and a soul that has experienced lifetimes of angst and pleasure. Carl's commanding stage presence & hypnotic energy gives him the uncanny ability to draw you into the performance where you won't want to leave anytime soon. There are no spectators here, only participants in the Carl Henry music experience! Carl started performing in the early 1980’s, playing blues in local Detroit clubs, like The Soup Kitchen Saloon & The Attic to name a few

While Carl’s past is steeped in the gritty, working man, hard time blues of Detroit, it isn’t the only type of music that Carl does. He has had other musical influences throughout his life and has a very extensive country and folk/rock background as well.




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