Cannonball Underground

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Cannonball Underground
Cannonball Underground.jpg
Background Information


Grosse Pointe


Funk, Soul, Rock n' Roll

Years Active

2011 - Present


Bobby Dixon - Vocals
Nikki Pearse - Vocals
Jay Bird - Guitar, Vocals
E - Dubs Washington - Keyboards
Greg Nance - Electric Bass
Scott Farago - Drums, Percussion


From Facebook
Cannonball Underground is an eclectic funk, soul, and rock music collective from the Detroit area music scene. The band is diverse in background, as well as style and age. It is most notable for its high-energy live shows and top-notch musicianship. Growing up in Detroit during the Motown era, the elder members of Cannonball were exposed to great music but also great political and racial turmoil. The famous label and many others like it at the time became exemplary for racial integration into popular music. Such is the spirit of motor town music yesterday and today. Amalgamation has been the mantra of Cannonball from the start. Vocalist/Guitarist J Bird, first began to work with the Motown and funk sound when he found space to share with two rotating members of the P Funk All-Stars. J said the experience at the time was, "Hands on, sink or swim.” This led to musical run-ins with future Cannonball Underground saxophonist, Dezzie McCullers Jr., highlighted on their single “Sing Me A Song” as well as vocalists Bobby “Cane Man” Dixon, whose baritone voice burnishes on their original “Way Gone”, and the sultry, lovely, and fierce Nikki Pearse, formerly of Sun Messengers and George Benson Trio. Also on the scene at that time were keyboardist Eric Washington and bassist Greg Nance, frequently used on recordings and live projects. Eric (E-Dubs), highlighted on the original “Optical Liquid”, is rooted in with the Motown Records family and brings a techno/drum and bass style mixed with pop and funk. Bassist Greg Nance (Godzilla), featured in the tune “V-Funk”, is awesome. Fireballs shoot out his eyeballs during bass solos. Bring a fire extinguisher. We don’t have insurance. Also sitting in on bass is long time Parliament Funkadelic associate, Lonnie Motley. The Cannonball concept became complete with Scott Farago, adding an explosive drum kit backbeat, (reminiscent of “Pistol” Allen and Buddy Rich,) "We aim to challenge listeners' experience of soulful, explicit grooves and match em' up with some catchy tunes." With combined experience spanning over three generations Cannonball Underground presents a unique and timeless edge to the motor town sound.


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