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Cabaret is world renown but it's not exactly well-known in one of the world's best music cities, Detroit. Cabaret is a form of entertainment where actors and singers perform on a stage at a restaurant or a nightclub, telling a story through a song. It initially gained popularity in the late 19th Century in Europe. It transitioned to North America in the early 20th Century, becoming a fixture in cities like Chicago by the 1920s.

Two Metro Detroiters Sandi Reitelman and Allan Nachman, developed an idea and plan to bring professional cabaret to the city of Detroit.

Cabaret 313 established in late 2012 is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. Inaugural soirees were held during the spring of 2013 in private homes of several influential Detroit supporters. In these lovely settings, guests were treated to the wonderful artistry of award-winning renowned performers.

With the success of the sold out soiree events, Cabaret 313 began to present cabaret experiences to the public at intimate venues in Detroit. The Marlene Boll Theatre at the Downtown YMCA, the Black Box Theatre at the Detroit Opera House, the Music Box at the Max Fisher Music Center, Rivera Court at the DIA and Historic Players Club are some of the venues Cabaret 313 presents shows.

As part of its mission, Cabaret 313 fosters the growth of the art form through educational programming. To fulfill this, Cabaret 313 formed a unique collaboration with Wayne State University. This collaboration has resulted in Masterclasses with Wayne State theatre students, taught by Cabaret 313 artists.

Cabaret 313
24901 Northwestern Hwy.
Suite 312
Southfield, MI 48075
(313) 405-5061

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