Busby Death Chair

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Busby Death Chair
Busby Death Chair Logo.jpg
Background Information


Allen Park



Years Active

2010 - Present


Lance Runngren - guitar
Tim Thompson - bass
Iro Galea - vocals
Joe Massingill - drums


Busby Death Chair is a punk band from Allen Park. The members have been in: Pure Bastard Extract (P.B.E.), Dreaded Apparatus, Fondle, Punch and Wipe and Full Strike Frenzy. On their Reverbnation page the About the Artist just lists, Makin'noise!!!

The Busby Death Chair name comes from the 1702 story of an allegedly haunted oak chair in North Yorkshire, in the United Kingdom. The chair was cursed by murderer Thomas Busby before his execution by hanging in 1702 after killing his father-in-law by several blows to the head by a hammer. Thomas Busby was strung up, covered in pitch and hanged by the neck till he was dead next to a quiet country inn where the hanged man once lived. The Legend of Thomas's favorite chair is now cursed to kill any who dare sit in it.

North Yorkshire locals claimed that during the Second World War, Canadian airmen from the nearby base at Skipton-on-Swale, went to the pub and those who sat in the chair, never returned from bombing missions over mainland Europe. In the 1970s some fatal accidents were also linked with the chair. So many deaths were attributed to people sitting in the chair, that it was donated to the Thirsk Museum in 1978 and hung from the ceiling to prevent anyone from sitting on it.


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