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Bob and Carl are two guys who have been playing music together since 1972

Bob and Carl
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Background Information


Mt Clemans


Classic Rock, Folk & Irish

Years Active

1972 - Present


Cabaret Music


Robert Balch – Guitar, Vocals
Carl Zimmerman – Guitar, Keyboard, Vocals



Bob Balch and Carl Zimmerman met at Clinton Valley elementary, in fourth grade. Becoming close friends during their years in band, as Carl played trombone and Bob played cornet.

In high school, the boys took up the keyboard and guitar respectively and joined a local rock band. 1972 saw their first rock & roll gig, as the two musicians backed a local band at a wedding with their horns.

In 1974 they began playing events with whatever musicians they could muster to play school dances and private parties. After graduating from Chippewa Valley High school, the two went down different paths.

While attending Macomb College, Bob meets Steve Punturiere and Jim Lee and along with Adam Alan and Gary Burlac form Sanctuary, while Carl attends Michigan State University.

While Bob plays with the band, Carl occasionally joins in, entertaining on the weekends and special occasions. In the 80's Carl, Steve, Jim and Bob form THE BOYS, and play every show and event that can be played into the 90's.

Jim and Steve settle down and Bob and Carl begin their second lives as the legendary duo.


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