Belle Isles

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The Belle Isles
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Background Information




Poolside, Garage Rock, Detroit R&B

Years Active

2016 - Present


Richie Wohlfeil - Gutiar, Vocals
Connor Dodson - Bass
Deb Agolli - Drums
Niki Hartrick - Baritone Sax


Conceived around 2010 sometime by Richie Wohlfeil as a solo side project, but shelved a few years until the other members started appearing. the first being Connor Dodson on bass, shortly followed by Deb Agolli on drums. the group played as a trio for about a year before adding a baritone sax to the mix by way of Niki Hartrick.


Richie Wohlfeil

Richie Wohlfeil.jpg

In addition to the Belle Isles, Richie Wohlfeil also plays guitar for The Potions; drums for Danny and the Darleans, the Detroit Cobras, and Connor Dodson/Quick Draw. past bands include the Pony Drags, Rainbow Milk, the Detroit Pleasure Society, Mother Whale, Alan Santiparro Scheurman, The Sisters Lucas, Saturday Looks Good to Me, Chain and the Gang, Spanish Castles, Wohlfeil/Pierce, Other Voices, Wooden Pipe, Colorwheel, Infinite Land of Make Believe, Rouge et le Noir, and the Meadowlarks among others. He is also owner/operator of LO & BEHOLD! Records & Books, DMT (Detroit Magnetic Tape Co.) Records, MDMCC label and club, and Folk Blues Night (label and series).


Deb Agolli

Deb Agolli.jpg

Deb Agolli previous groups include Viv Akauldren, Outrageous Cherry, and Jimmy Ohio and the Ultimate Lovers.


Connor Dodson

Connor Dobson.jpg

In addition to bass guitar for the Belle Isles, Connor Dodson is currently the drummer for the Prude Boys, performs solo as well as with a group called Quick Draw. past groups include Del Brutto and Frontier Ruckus.

Niki Hartrick

Niki Hartrick.jpg

Niki Hartrick is Band and Orchestra Director at Dearborn Public Schools and also a member of the Detroit Party Marching Band, the Detroit Pleasure Society, and Decisions.



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