2 Days Gone

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2 Days Gone
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Background Information




Classic Rock, Pop, Modern Rock, Alternative, Americana

Years Active

2007 - Present




Robert Jenkins - Lead Vocalist, Guitar
Kenny Popour -Vocals, Drums
Mike Poston - Vocals, Lead Guitar
Ernie Cedroni - Vocals, Bass


Just three words and you will have summed up 2 Days Gone and their music, “Something for Everyone“. This collective of Detroit area musicians are comprised of four very diverse talents that are driven by a common goal…To present a band that loves what they are doing and take you on a ride that’s sure to keep you hanging on, anxiously awaiting the next ride.

Fueled by their passion for music, entertaining and sharing their creativity with those around them, be it friends, family, or those attending their first 2 Days Gone show, you’re sure to be captivated by the catchy hooks, powerful sound, clever song-writing and a strong blend of vocal harmonies that will stay with you and keep you singing along.

Ask any of the guys: Bob, Mike, Kenny or Ernie and they’ll tell you “We just love to play. Our shows cover a wide spectrum of your favorite tunes. Classic rock, pop, modern rock, and even a little twist of Americana for good measure.” With this formula intertwined throughout every 2 Days Gone show, each show takes on a life of it’s own while keeping things fresh but familiar.

If asked about their sound, Mike will tell you “We’re about the song. We’re not focusing on Bob, Mike, Kenny or Ernie as individuals, but rather what each member can bring to the table for the better of the song as a whole, a blend that can recognize individual talents but sees them as just a portion of the bigger picture“.


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