Zap Toro

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Zap Toro
Zap Toro Logo.jpg
Background Information




Years Active

2009 - Present


Sean Blackman - nylon string guitar
Kris Kurzawa - electric guitar
Dan Schmatz - percussion
James Simonson - bass
Mark "Swami" Harper - keyboards
Rick Beamon - drums


Zap Toro is a project where World music meets groove, funk and rock. Santana with a Detroit edge. They specialize in artisan music styles spanning the globe. Everyone brings their own influences, which range from soul to jazz fusion to Latin and Middle Eastern music to the table.

The name really fits the group, because it's a very electrifying band and Toro is Spanish for bull. They always joke around at the end of a set as tehy go on break when they play saying something like, 'Come on bulls, let's ride.'


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