Wood & Grain

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Wood & Grain
Background Information


Madison Heights


American Roots Rock

Years Active

2017 - Present


Nick Fügedi - Vocals, Gutiar
Rob Schneider - Percussion


Joining forces as a duo' Singer-songwriter Nick Fügedi and percussionist Rob Schneider are Wood & Grain, presenting a blend of American roots music.


Nick Fügedi

Nick Fügedi.jpg

Nick Fügedi is a singer-songwriter, visual artist and art teacher who's honest songs full of emotion. He started his musical journey early on playing trumpet in elementary school but after discovering the guitar, his interests quickly changed.


Rob Schneider

Rob Schneider.jpg

Rob Schneider has been playing professionally since the early 80’s and is a energetic versatile diverse drummer/percussionist who has had the privilege of performing and networking with many excellent musicians covering a large spectrum of musical genres and venues throughout greater Detroit.



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