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Whiplash Classic Rock is a guitar and vocals driven four piece rock band playing in venues across the east side of Detroit & the burbs. Formed in 2006, the band worked it's way up from the basement to venues including The Emerald Theater, Jefferson Street Pub, Jacoby's, Bentley's Roadhouse, Sabby's and a variety of summer festivals. In 2015 the band entered a video contest to open for one of the headliner acts in the WCSX Riverfront
Whiplash with The Ghoul
Concert Series, and won a slot as the opening act for Kansas. Whiplash excels at finding the lost gems and B sides of the classic rock genre. Sure, they can whip out "Brown Eyed Girl" or "Mustang Sally" upon request, but they prefer to play the forgotten hits that have fallen off of commercial radio's 80 song playlist.

Band personnel include James Vallar, lead guitar & vocals; Rick Crooker, bass & vocals; Bob Kolinski, lead vocals & rhythm guitar, and Ernie Modestino, percussion & vocals.


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