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Vase Logo.jpg
Background Information





Years Active

2018 - Present




Christian Thibodeau - Vocals
J.T. Jasinski - Guitar, Keys
Drew Kussmaul - Guitar
Derian Parsons Bass
Elijah Simmons - drums

Past Members

J.J. Murray, Derek Laughlin, Riley Kirkpatrick, Dylan Earls


L-R: Christian Thibodeau, J.T. Jasinski, Drew Kussmaul, Derian Parsons, Elijah Simmons

Formed in 2018 by guitarist cousins, J.T. Jasinski and Drew Kussmaul, V*A*S*E immediately sought to bring something new to rock music. Combining a love for early protopunk (The Stooges, Hawkwind), American post-punk (The Feelies, Sonic Youth), and the grunge boom of the 90s (Nirvana, Local H), the originally Hartland, Michigan based duo began the search for other musicians to complete the band. With the additions of J.J. Murray on bass and Derek Laughlin on drums in October of 2018, the foursome rehearsed in their hometown of Pinckney, Michigan, spending a majority of early 2019 playing shows that saw a mix of covers and originals performed, with each member switching off on vocals. Around the time Murray departed in May of 2019, permanent vocalist, Christian Thibodeau, came onboard. With no bassist in tow, Riley Kirkpatrick joined in for a couple of shows in early June of that year, before departing as well. Dylan Earls, then, held down the position for the rest of the month, before the band looked elsewhere for a permanent replacement. Derian Parsons was just that and joined in July of 2019. After Derek Laughlin and the band parted ways in September of 2019, the band moved to their new home base in Brighton, Michigan, with Elijah Simmons taking over drumming duties. The fivesome is currently recording their debut singles at The Loft in Saline, Michigan, where Sponge has recorded most of their output, including Rotting Piñata and Wax Ecstatic.


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