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*Sami Mei - Singer-Songwriter (141 E University, Ferndale)
*Sami Mei - Singer-Songwriter (141 E University, Ferndale)
'''Sat, Jun 23 @ 12:30PM'''<br>
'''Sat, Jun 23 @ 12:30PM'''<br>
*Lyft Driver Showcase - Act Casual (228 Ardmore, Ferndale)
*Lyft Driver Showcase - [[Act Casual]] (228 Ardmore, Ferndale)
'''Sat, Jun 23 @ 12:45PM'''<br>
'''Sat, Jun 23 @ 12:45PM'''<br>
*Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor - Psychedelic (270 W Saratoga, Ferndale)
*Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor - Psychedelic (270 W Saratoga, Ferndale)

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The Front Porch Logo.jpg

Twenty-five porches and over thirty performances

The Front Porch is a one-day music event created to showcase Michigan music artists from around the state playing on front porches of Ferndale, Michigan. The event will feature established as well as up-and-coming/rising acts…performers and groups of all genres -Rock, Folk, Blues, Hip-Hop, Country, Bluegrass, Gospel, etc.

The event will take place on Saturday, June 23 from 12 noon – 6 pm. Each artist/band will play for about 30-minutes.

Founder and Executive Producer Michael Benghiat of Southfield, Michigan came up with the idea after attending the Larchmere (suburb of Cleveland) Porchfest several years ago. An avid music fan he wanted to use the “porchfest” concept to develop a music television show called “The Front Porch.”

“To see if the concept had any legs he (along with his partner Gary Graff) pitched Detroit Public Television,” said Benghiat. “They instantly liked the idea and expressed interest but indicated they would need to see a pilot for the show before granting any airtime.”

So the two decide to develop and plan The Front Porch as an event first. They will film various performances throughout the day and then create the pilot that will hopefully get the TV show off the ground.

Music journalist Gary Graff, is a partner and will serve as host of the planned TV show. He will chat with artists/band members to provide insight into origins, history, evolution, successes, etc. interspersed with performances on a front porch of the musician’s hometowns.

The Front Porch will take place in neighborhoods West of Woodward Avenue and in the neighborhoods just south of Nine Mile – beginning from Troy Street to no further south than Marshall and no further west than Central Street. And then north of Nine Mile no further than Maplehurst.

The event is promoted as a “family-friendly,” non-alcoholic event. Like porchfest events have brought out people of all ages and it is typical to see parents with young kids, even those in strollers, enjoying a day of free music.

Cost: Free
Date: June, 23 2018
Time: 12 noon – 6 pm
Location: Ferndale Residents Front Porches

About Michael Benghiat

Michael is a seasoned marketing/branding/promotions/business development professional possessing thirty-years of experience with a solid track record and respectable reputation within the sports and entertainment industry, media business and nonprofit sector. He has represented some of the most notable properties, events and venues in sports and live entertainment including the Wells Fargo Center/ Philadelphia Flyers and Sixers/AHL Philadelphia Phantoms, Olympia Entertainment/Detroit Red Wings, and Radio City Entertainment. He has organized and promoted hundreds of events ranging from concerts to sporting events and family shows to Broadway performances.

About Gary Graff

Gary is an award-winning music journalist based in Detroit. In addition to Billboard, Billboard.com, and Billboard.biz, he also writes regularly for the New York Times Features Syndicate, Journal Register Newspapers, Revolver, Music Connection, United Stations Radio Networks and more, and for radio stations in Detroit and Milwaukee. He has written books about Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Seger, rock ‘n’ roll myths and other subjects.

"Host" Porches and Full Schedule coming soon

2018 Performers

Sat, Jun 23 @ 12:00PM

  • Anthony Retka - Singer Songwriter (226 Vester St, Ferndale)
  • Kate Hinote - Americana, Alternative (318 E Saratoga, Ferndale)
  • Sami Mei - Singer-Songwriter (141 E University, Ferndale)

Sat, Jun 23 @ 12:30PM

  • Lyft Driver Showcase - Act Casual (228 Ardmore, Ferndale)

Sat, Jun 23 @ 12:45PM

  • Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor - Psychedelic (270 W Saratoga, Ferndale)

Sat, Jun 23 @ 1:00PM

  • Mike Ward - Contemporary Folk (318 E Saratoga, Ferndale)
  • Rabbit Ears - Instrumental Garage Rock (141 E University, Ferndale)
  • Klezundheit - Klezmer, Balkan, Jazz, Fusion, World Music (446 W. Breckenridge St, Ferndale)
  • Acoustic Ash - Singer-Songwriter (398 W Hazelhurst, Ferndale)
  • Carl Phillips - Gospel (212 Leroy, Ferndale)
  • Barelyon - Pop, Rock, Soul (226 Vester St, Ferndale)

Sat, Jun 23 @ 1:15PM

  • Los Hellbenders - Spaghetti Western (780 Withington, Ferndale)

Sat, Jun 23 @ 1:30PM

  • Lyft Driver Showcase - Messanine (228 Ardmore, Ferndale)
  • Mostly Static - Rock/Alternative (475 W Breckenridge, Ferndale)
  • Holly Bernt Band - Roots Rock (736 W Breckenridge, Ferndale)
  • Karianne Spens-Hanna - Singer/Songwriter (405 W Hazelhurst, Ferndale)
  • Shawn Butzin - Folk, Americana (466 W Maplehurst, Ferndale)
  • Alison Donahue - Jazz, Swing (333 Pearson, Ferndale)
  • Tino G - Blues/Funk/Soul (506 W Troy, Ferndale)

Sat, Jun 23 @ 1:45PM

  • Kind of Animal - Indie Rock (270 W Saratoga, Ferndale)

Sat, Jun 23 @ 2:00PM

Sat, Jun 23 @ 2:15PM

  • Hung Up - Reggae Rock (299 W Saratoga, Ferndale)

Sat, Jun 23 @ 2:15PM

  • RacecarracecaR - Rock n Roll (475 W Breckenridge, Ferndale)
  • Nikki Holland & The Dirty Elizabeths - Americana (620 W Breckenridge, Ferndale)

Sat, Jun 23 @ 2:45PM

  • The Luddites - Gypsy Jazz, Eastern European (270 W Saratoga, Ferndale)
  • Greater Alexander - Folk Alternative (506 W Troy, Ferndale)
  • Alfie Jean and Fella Jack - Original, Classic (736 W Breckenridge, Ferndale)

Sat, Jun 23 @ 3:00PM

  • Television City - Rock (594 Withington, Ferndale)
  • Jere Stormer - Folk/Singer-Songwriter (540 W Breckenridge, Ferndale)
  • Mia Green - Acoustic Pop/Folk (405 W Hazelhurst, Ferndale)
  • The Motor City 3 - Instrumental Jazzy, Funky, Bluesy, Pop (212 Leroy, Ferndale)

Sat, Jun 23 @ 3:15PM

  • Detroit Dives - Rock (333 Pearson, Ferndale)

Sat, Jun 23 @ 3:30PM

  • Jerry Price - Singer-Songwriter (460 W Troy, Ferndale)
  • The Band MINT - Rock/Hip Hop (304 W Breckenridge, Ferndale)
  • Polish Muslims - Polish Parody (Dragon House, 619 W Breckenridge, Ferndale)

Sat, Jun 23 @ 3:45PM

Sat, Jun 23 @ 4:00PM

  • Sunshine Dory (594 Withington, Ferndale)
  • Jan Thompson - Contemporary Singer-Songwriter (314 W Maplehurst, Ferndale)
  • Kimball - Indie Pop (234 W Lewiston, Ferndale)
  • The Reefermen - Rock & Soul (299 W Saratoga, Ferndale)

Sat, Jun 23 @ 4:15PM

Sat, Jun 23 @ 4:30PM

  • Lady & the Sleepers(605 W Cambourne, Ferndale)
  • Sarah Dalton - Folk/Rock/Christian Acoustic (401 Pearson, Ferndale)
  • Emma Guzman - Singer-Songwriter (271 W Saratoga, Ferndale)
  • Zander Michigan - Americana/Singer-Songwriter (460 W Troy, Ferndale)
  • Large Extra Large - Hip Hop (620 W Breckenridge, Ferndale)

Sat, Jun 23 @ 4:45PM

  • Nova Wyse - Surf Rock (304 W Breckenridge, Ferndale)
  • Mark Reitenga - Folk Rock (466 W Maplehurst, Ferndale)

Sat, Jun 23 @ 5:00PM

  • The Royal Sweets in Exile - Rock (780 Withington, Ferndale)
  • Oblique Noir - World Music (234 W Lewiston, Ferndale)
  • Dave Beirman Overdrive - Rock (594 Withington, Ferndale)

Sat, Jun 23 @ 5:30PM

  • JD Wright - Rock, Americana, Folk (271 W Saratoga, Ferndale)
  • David Nefesh - Contemporary Folk/Folk-pop (314 W Maplehurst, Ferndale)
  • Brother Hallow - Roots Rock n Roll (605 W Cambourne, Ferndale)

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