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StreetLife Logo.jpg


StreetLife was a Metro Detroit based Punk/New Wave tabloid started in 1980 by Dave Arnold & Linda Roy with assitance from Mark Kliem, Neal Harkness and scores of others. The first issue was combined with another publication, White Noise. 1/2 was StreetLife, flip it over and the other half was Paul Zimmerman's last issue of White Noise.


In PDF Format

Only StreetLife's section, White Noise omitted due to Copyright.

Inside, The Cars, B-52's, The Cubes, The Mutants, Serious Trixon, The untold Story of Free Radio Now and more!

  • Issue #3 coming in September/October 2019
  • Issue #4 coming in October/November 2019
  • Issue #5 coming in December 2019
  • Issue #6 coming in Late December 2019

Note: Today, Dave Arnold is the force behind MusicwikiDetroit