Rich Eddy's Rockin' Oldies

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Rich Eddy's Rockin' Oldies
Rich Eddys logo.jpg
The little bitty band with big sound & show
Background Information




1950's, 60's Rock & Roll

Years Active

1986 - Present


James Davis
Don Hails



After years performing as an award-winning singer, percussionist and harmonica player in bands and studios across the USA, James Davis had a vision that a duo that could perform an equal, or even better show than a band with many more members. In 1986, he team up with Don Hails, a multi-talented, award-winning musician and singer. With Don’s knowledge of the latest advancements in musical technology and using the computer technology enables Rich Eddy's Rockin' Oldies to sound like a Six piece band.

How did they come up with the name Rich Eddy? James and Don thought that Eddy was a real cool name and they idolize the legendary guitarist, Duane Eddy. Rockin Oldies is what they do and they always thought they'd love to be rich, hence the name, "Rich Eddy's Rockin' Oldies Band".

They've preformed at schools, fairs, festivals, city concerts and corporate events just to name a few. The pair combines their award-winning vocals with multiple instruments for a memorable performance enjoyable for all ages.


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