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Background Information




Post Punk

Years Active

2008 - Present


Hardly Art Urinal Cake Records X!


Joe Casey - Vocals
Greg Ahee - Guitar
Alex Leonard - Drums
Scott Davidson - Bass

Past Members

Kevin Boyer



Protomartyr formed in 2008 and features Joe Casey on vocals, Greg Ahee on guitar, Alex Leonard on drums and Scott Davidson on bass guitar.

Prior to Protomartyr, Greg Ahee and Alex Leonard were performing as a duo, which was named Butt Babies. They were soon joined by Joe Casey, who started to perform on vocals at Butt Babies shows. Kevin Boyer of Tyvek joined Protomartyr on bass and second guitar for a short time before leaving the act due to the working schedules with his other band. As Scott Davidson joined the band on bass, Butt Babies transformed into Protomartyr.

Protomartyr doesn't make music for the casual listener. Over the course of four full-length albums, the band has produced a collection of lyrically dense, deeply philosophical (and usually very loud) songs that grapple with some of life's thorniest questions: What does it mean to be human? What is truth? What is the nature of good and evil?

The band's music has been labeled as post-punk and punk rock. Josh Terry of Consequence of Sound stated that the band "blends the moody atmospherics of ‘70s U.K. post-punk with the raw sensibility of their Motor City garage-rock forebears."[16] The band's sound was compared to other post-punk acts such as Wire, the Fall, Pere Ubu, the Constantines and Iceage, as well as local acts, most notably Tyvek.

The band has extensively toured in the United States and Europe and performed at South by Southwest, CMJ Music Marathon, Pitchfork Music Festival, and others.

L - R Joe Casey, Alex Leonard, Greg Ahee, Scott Davidson



  • No Passion All Technique (2012, Urinal Cake Records)
  • Rosé, A Fine Wine To Be Enjoyed By Couples Or Friends At Any Occasion [(2012, Doubles Tapes) Discogs
  • Vari-Speed Mithridates (2013, Gold Tapes) Discogs
  • Under Color of Official Right (2014, Hardly Art) Bandcamp Hardly Art
  • The Agent Intellect (2015, Hardly Art) Bandcamp Hardly Art
  • Dredging The Grotto (2015) Discogs
  • Relatives in Descent (2017, Domino) Bandcamp


  • Live At Vera Protomartyr/Die Nerven (2017, Roekie Records) Discogs
  • Don't Go To Anacita (2017, Domino) Discogs
  • My Children (2017, Domino) Discogs
  • Born To Be Wine (2016, Adult Swim) Discogs
  • 580 Memories (2016, Joyful Noise Recordings) Discogs
  • Jumbo's (Live) (2015, Joyful Noise Recordings) Discogs
  • A Half of Seven (2015) Bandcamp Hardly Art
  • Dope Cloud (2014, Hardly Art) Discogs
  • Scum, Rise! (2014, Hardly Art) Discogs
  • Dreads 85 84 (2012, Urinal Cake Records)
  • Colpi Proibiti (2012, X! Records)

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