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MusicWiki Detroit is an ambitious project designed to catalog everything music in the Metro Detroit Area.
From Bands/Artists, Venues Music Genre's, to Detroit Music History, Music Schools, Music Stores, Record Labels, Radio, Internet Podcasts....
Essentially, if it has to do anything with Music in the Metro Detroit Area we intend to list it.

Started in late 2016, Our guess is it will never be finished. New Bands Form, New Venues open, Old ones close. The Local Music Industry is ever evolving as it is nationwide. We intend to catalog all of it locally.

This is a Wiki using the same back-end software as Wikipedia. (MediaWiki)
But we are doing it a little different. We've added a skin, (Metrolook) that makes it Mobile friendly.

If you would Like to be a part of this Venture please either use the Submit Form to send us information or Email Us at email if you would like to be added as a contributer.