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MusicWiki Detroit is an ambitious project designed to catalog everything music in the Metro Detroit Area.
From Bands/Artists, Venues & Music Genre to Detroit Music History, Music Schools, Music Stores, Record Labels, Radio, Internet Podcasts....
Essentially, if it has to do anything with Music in the Metro Detroit Area, We intend to catalog it.

Started in late 2016, this is not something that will appear over night. Our guess is it will take at least a few years to fully build out. It could be sooner If the community contributes.

This is a Wiki using the same backend software as Wikipedia. (MediaWiki)
But we are doing it a little different. We've added a skin, (Metrolook) that makes it Mobile friendly.

If you would Like to be a part of this Venture please sign up for a free account. Musicwiki Detroit is a Long Term Community project designed to cover everything music in the Metro Detroit Area.
If you would like to contribute content, please signup & CreateAccount

Spammers, Don't waste your time... Your user Id & Posts will be Blocked and Deleted within 24 hours.

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