Motor City All-Star Band

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Motor City All-Star Band
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Background Information




Marching band

Years Active

2014 - Present


Khristian Foreman


The Motor City All-Star Band was founded the summer of 2014 in Detroit, Michigan by Khristian Foreman and is a Nonprofit Corporation As they continue to grow and represent the musical excellence and persistence they aim to showcase themselves and Detroit in a positive light with their excellent musicians.

Mission Statement

We commit ourselves to build upon a firm foundation of dedication, discipline and excellence in music. By consistently giving our personal best, we will raise the standards of each performer, compete with zeal, increase our potential and represent our city with pride putting Detroit, Michigan on the map.


  • Anyone in highschool must have parent's consent to participate with MCAB.
  • Membership dues are required to participate in MCAB
  • Come with your own equipment (mouthpieces, sticks, straps, reeds ect.)
  • Must be APPROVED by bandstaff to participate
  • Play 3 scales (Major and Minor) and Be able to play a march
  • Have good work ethic
  • Maintain a positive attitude
  • Be able to get along with others and be cordial in times of discomfort


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