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Live Bullet Detroit
Live Bullet Detroit Logo.jpg
Background Information


Garden City


Bob Segar Tribute

Years Active

2015 - Present


Kevin Evans - Lead Vocals, Harps
Mark Chepin - Bass, Vocals
Mark Cubbie McCubbin - Drums, Vocals
David Zundel - Guitar, Vocals
Bubba Wilson - Guitar, Vocals
Rick Warner - Keys, Vocals
Tom Pletzke - Saxophone




Formed in July 2015, Live Bullet Detroit is comprised of some of the areas top musicians. Lead by the strong vocals and stage performance of Kevin Evans, expect to be entertained by music from the Live Bullet album in its entirety as well as other favorites. Adding to the performance, the members are also dressed in clothing from the 70's to give a complete BOB SEGER EXPERIENCE!


Kevin Evans

Lead Vocals, Harps

Kevin Evans.jpg

Kevin started singing in school choirs, at the age of 7, and continued through high school, during which he was a member of an elite group called The West Side Singers. He started singing professionally at age 16. Kevin has performed with many groups including Monkey Paw, Power Source, The Skam, while with Monkey Paw, Kevin has shared the bill with Black Sabbath, Joe Lynn Turner, Foghat, Quiet Riot, Cinderella, The Rockets, Rare Earth and Montrose. After 2 decades, Kevin got with Mark Chepin and Dave Z to form a Bob Seger Tribute Band, calling it Live Bullet Detroit.

Bubba Wilson

Lead Guitar, Vocals

Bubba Wilson.jpg

Bubba is the youngest member of Live Bullet Detroit. Even at his young age, Bubba has a knack for the blues; he fronts his own band called Bubba Wilson and The Powerhouse, one of the newest and best blues band coming out of the Detroit area, a must see.


Dave Zundel

Rhythm Guitar, Vocals

Dave Zundel.jpg

Dave has been playing guitar since he was 13, when his mother bought him his first Teisco Tulip Guitar, from Kmart, he played it until he was able to a order his first real guitar, a Univox Hi Flier. Dave has been writing and recording original songs for many years, and working with a lot of high profile musicians in the Detroit area. Dave is one of the founding members of the Live Bullet Detroit along with Kevin Evans and Mark Chepin. Dave plays Gibson and Fender guitars and uses Fender amps to create an unique sound all of his own.


Mark Chepin

Bass Guitar, Vocals

Mark Chepin.jpg

One of the founding members of Live Bullet Detroit, Mark has played bass for 30 years, getting his start, like so many other Detroit area musicians, at the Studio Lounge. Mark is proud to be a part of, and represent Detroit rock and roll. He plays Fender bass guitars and MarkBass amps.


Mark Cubbie McCubbin

Drums, Vocals

Mark Cubbie McCubbin.jpg

Cubbie joined Live Bullet Detroit May 1st, 2016. He was inspired to play drums, at 10 years old, after seeing KISS play at Detroit’s old Olympia stadium in 1978. That same year he began private lessons from the late jazz drummer Bill Schaffer, a business owner and percussionist with the Flint Symphony Orchestra, Bob Hope, Rich Little and Jerry Lewis.


Rick Warner

Keys, Vocals

Rick Warner.jpg

Rick has been playing keyboards professionally since the age of 16. He played with some of Detroit’s finest rock bands Bogart, Salem Witchcraft, Jett Lagg and in 1986 joined Motown’s legendary Rare Earth and recorded 2 CD’s, one in the studio here in the U.S.A. and one live, in Switzerland. Being with Rare Earth for 12 years Rick has performed hundreds of concerts all over the world and has shared the billing with the likes of, James Brown, Ray Charles, Joe Cocker, BTO, Johnny and Edgar Winter and dozens more.


Tom Pletzke

Saxophone, Percussion

Tom Pletzke.jpg

Tom Pletzke is Detroit’s finest saxophonists, with a tone that is smooth, compelling and edgy. He studied under John Littlejohn in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Tom has performed with the Motown rock group Guy and the Delrocks. In 2006, he became a member of a well-established group The Lost City Band. Tom honed his performance style with LCB playing many styles from folk to blues, country to rock, as well as many originals during their time together. Currently, Tom performs regularly with The Lost City Band, and, now, finds himself the go-to sax man in the tribute band industry, performing with Live Bullet Band and In The Flesh (Pink Floyd Tribute). When time permits, Tom is a regular at many hot area jam sessions where he’s performed with legendary Detroit musicians, Bobby Murray and Billy Davis.



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