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NewDLogo400.png is a company that starting 2010 began live streaming in Metro Detroit area venues. Using Windows XP Machines and Mini DV camcorders with proprietary Autostart software developed by one of the founders David Arnold, the venues were able to stream their entertainment whenever it was Live without having to remember to turn on the stream.

The most unique is Franky cam a camera mounted on the back of a friendly 40 pound sulcata tortoise that lives at Lou's Pet Shop. David and Lou's pet shop owner Donnie worked together to create a system weighing less then a cell phone for Franky to wear as he wanders around the store. at it's height in 2011-2013, a viewer on any giving night could tune into up one of 13 Live streams.

In 2015 with the march of HD technology, changing economy, venues going out of business, and according to some venues being cost prohibitive on their tight budgets decided it would no longer seek out venues to stream from.

There are 2 remaining Original streams The Blue Goose Inn and Baker's Keyboard Lounge. occasional streams a special event. The latest being the Assembly Line Concert Detroit's 4th Guinness World Record attempt for the longest non-stop concert.

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