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|Row 6 info = [[Save Your Generation Records]]
|Row 6 info = [[Save Your Generation Records]]
|Row 7 title = Associated Acts
|Row 7 title = Associated Acts
|Row 7 info = [[Cheapshow]], [[Reuther]]
|Row 7 info = [[Hidebehind]], [[Cheapshow]], [[Reuther]]

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JD Wright
Background Information


Northern Michigan

Current Location

Hazel Park

Full Name

Jordan David Wright


Rock, Folk, Americana


singer, songwriter, librarian


Save Your Generation Records

Associated Acts

Hidebehind, Cheapshow, Reuther

JD Wright is a singer songwriter from Northern Michigan who relocated to Metro Detroit around 2008. At face value he lives the life of your typical American man, a librarian who resides just outside of Detroit with his wife and dog. However, his music breeds as much experience and storytelling elements as the books he spends his time tending.

He's been a guitarist and vocalist in a handful of bands, including Due North, Reuther, and Cheapshow.

JD revisited his Northern Michigan hometown and spawned the idea of his latest solo project Lake Effect, a cohesive collection of 8 songs that form a compelling and enticing narrative which tackles the harsh, ugly, and unforgiving realities of the opioid epidemic in a place that is so beautiful on the surface.



  • Lake Effect CD, Vinyl - (6/2018) Available June 18 SYG Short Run


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