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How to create/edit a Page

Musicwiki Detroit powered by Mediawiki the same backend software as Wikipedia. Musicwiki Detroit has included a Skin called Metrolook.

This enables the Site to look as good on a Phone or Tablet as well as a Computer Screen.

Working on a wiki is a little different from creating other web pages. Before creating or editing pages make sure to read the Mediawiki Editing help page and the Editing FAQ. You might also want to print out the Quick Reference card. For more information about MediaWiki, the software running this site, consult the User's Guide. But don't worry too much about formatting - the most important job is to load the wiki up with content. There are experienced wiki hands around who can shape your text into standard form. The wiki only works if the community supports it, so work the wiki!

Wikitext examples mediawiki Formatting examples See the Mediawiki Help page for details on how to edit wiki pages and more.

Create a Musicwiki Detroit page

Using/editing Musicwiki Detroit is a trial-and-error process. Creating/Editing A Musicwiki Detroit page is a simple, fun thing to do and you definitely get better the more you play around with it. The key is to take a look at other Musicwiki Detroit pages and see what you like. Then all you have to do is login and (Click edit), copy the code, paste into your new page and modify it to fit your needs. It doesn't have to be perfect before you can take a look at what it looks like. Try things out and see what results they yield.
To create a new page click on Create A Page in the Sidebar on the left.

Tip.png To make editing easier we recommend opening up a 2nd browser window or tab for This will let you copy & paste between the two tabs/windows

Premade Templates

We have designed Premade Templates to help get you started.
BandPage and VenuePage Templates and the like are boilerplate templates
Open one up, click edit and copy the code then paste into the page you are creating, replace the placeholder content with your information.
As you get more proficient in your wiki editing skills feel free to add/edit to you hearts content.
Premade Templates

Using Musicwicki Detroit Templates

If there is standard text/code that you want to add to more than one page, like a CSS style or script, then you can use Musicwiki Detroit templates.
Some of the Templates already created are infoboxes for Venues and Bands.
Premade Templates
Add a Photo Gallery

Common Wiki Markup Tags

We have created a page with the most used Common Wiki Markup tags so you can refer to it as needed.
Common Wiki Markup

Using html in Musicwicki Detroit pages

Instead of using wiki markup, you can use HTML in the wiki editor. Just put your html code in between <html> ... </html> tags.

Using CSS and/or Javascript

You can also use CSS and Javascript on the wiki by adding your <style> and <script> tags into your <html> code. If you want to use a CSS stylesheet or Javascript on multiple pages, you can create a Musicwicki Detroit template page.

Using jQuery jQuery 1.11.1 is already installed across all Musicwicki Detroit webpages. It adds many useful abilities to JavaScript. You do not need to include any extra source to use jQuery.