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Guy Louis
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Background Information




Presenting his
Chautauqua Express Musical Programs

Stage Name

Guy Louis

Full Name

Guy Louis Sferlazza


Kids, Family, Children's Pop

Years Active

1986 - Present


Electric Guitar, Mandolin, Ukulele, Tambura, Drum, Sitar, Voice



Guy Louis Sferlazza has been presenting his Chautauqua Express Musical Programs throughout the Great Lakes since 1986 to rave reviews. Serving Educational, Family and Community audiences, he blends a wide range of instruments into interactive performances delighting "audiences of all ages".

His Family and Kids Concerts he use acoustic and electric guitars, mandolin and ukelele. Songs are drawn from all genres including Guy’s own songs, and each show is designed for the audience at hand. Hear classics like “Yellow Submarine”, “I’m a Believer”, “Your Momma Don’t Dance”, “American Pie” and more that will bring all ages together. Guy will actively engage the young people the entire show, while playing music that will delight all ages.

School Assembly Programs

  • Positively Rockin’
  • Tune Into Reading
  • Environmental Awareness Show
  • Black History In American Music
  • World Music Tour
  • American Music Tour
  • Family Concert / School Celebration Assembly
  • Native American Music and Culture Show
  • Winter World Holiday Show
  • Power Up! Health Is Your Wealth
  • The “Peace Is…” Project

His very latest presentation “Introducing Children to Relaxation” represents a synthesis of his interactive musical performance style and his passion for helping young people learn the art and science of relaxation.

Check out his Free cdbaby download below


While searching in grandma’s attic, the ten-year old Guy Louis found his grandfather’s guitar in an old beat up case. That began his musical journey that soon included his grandfather’s mandolin, violin and other instruments. He took lessons from time to time, but mostly learned to play on his own and with friends.

At age nineteen, after starting college in computer science, Guy realized that pursuing a path of music was what he really wanted to do. A few years of playing in bands, the folk circuit and other musical avenues finally led him to presenting musical programs in schools. This began the Chautauqua Express Musical Programs in 1986. Family concerts soon also became a specialty as Guy’s professional performing became full-time and year-round.

Three full decades and thousands of performances later, Guy is continuing to create and perform programs that express his musical passions, and also contribute to his community.



  • Peace Begins with Me (12/2017) - Free Download cdbaby


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