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The Grunyons
The Grunyons.jpg
Background Information





Years Active

1949 - Present



The Grunyons are a men’s vocal A cappella ensemble, a bunch of middle-aged businessmen who really love to sing. In 1949, eight local Yale graduates, yearning to continue the remarkable singing tradition of their university and especially the style of the Yale vocal ensemble, the “Whiffenpoofs”, banded together to form this group.

The name “Grunyons” was chosen for reasons lost to anyone’s specific memory, but the ensemble soon expanded to a more versatile group of sixteen, drawing in men associated with other university musical experiences. The organization has continued since, offering its special brand of A cappella close harmony and entertainment to scores of audiences throughout southeast Michigan and beyond.

In 1966, the Grunyons began performing at a gathering of similar amateur vocal jazz ensembles called “Spring Sing“. Customarily held in various locations, “Spring Sing” is hosted by various groups in the organization known as the American A Cappella Alliance. “Spring Sing” has been hosted numerous times by The Grunyons

In 1978, the Grunyons felt the need to formalize their organization in order to support and sponsor vocal jazz activities in Michigan beyond their own avocational pursuits. The Michigan Vocal Jazz Society, a Michigan non-profit corporation, was formed to implement a variety of related functions, from hosting appearances of luminaries like the Kings Singers or the Swingle Singers, to conducting vocal jazz workshops for educational purposes.

The Grunyons


1st Tenors: David Fischer, John Gilbert, Sandy McMillan, Bob Montgomery, John Prost
2nd Tenors: Tony Alcantara, John Birchler, Bill Flom, Phil MacKethan, Tim Malefyt
Baritones: Dick Bourez, Stephen Redding, Rick Spina, Robert Wollard
Basses: Adam Alcantara, Jeff Beggs, Ken Faw, Bob Shrosbree, David Whitehead


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