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Edison Hollow
Background Information





Years Active

2019 - Present


Tyler Chernoff - Vocals, Bass
Aaryn Lindow - Drums
Jordon Stockdale - Guitar


Edison Hollow L-R: Aaryn Lindow, Jorden Stockdale, Tyler Chernoff

What Started out as a quartet in 2015 known as Red Baron, the guys changed the name to Edison Hollow in early 2019 after the 4th member left the band and also owned the rights to the Bands name. To avoid any Legal issues and conflict, the trio changed the bands name to Edison Hollow. The Edison Hollow name comes from the fact that they practice on Edison street and hollow is another term for cavern or dwelling or in this case, a basement. So it's pretty much homage to where the band has operated over the years. Their Facebook About page states... Edison Hollow is a three piece band corrupting minds one riff at a time. We have alot of classic rock stylings with a modern twist to make it feel fresh. We are loud, unapologetic and in your face. We are, Edison Hollow.


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