Drugstore Cowboys

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Drugstore Cowboys
Background information
Origin Oakland County
Genres Rock, Blues
Years active 2012 - Present
Hans Wenklert Guitar, Lead Vocals
Carl LaBorde Guitar
Doug Balenger Drums
Past members


Drugstore Cowboys were formed in early 2012. Playing live showcase gigs and festivals Drugstore Cowboys have gained the respect and praise of music lovers throughout the area Featuring the controlled and witty song writing, lead guitar and vocals by Hanz Wenklert, The Drugstore Cowboys play a smooth texture of blues and rock. Hans’s brutally honest rasp in his vocals he delivers right-on clever lyrics with melodies that whirl and surround the musical structure of flowing backbeats


Hanz Wenklert


Born in Detroit, Hans Wenklert spent most of his childhood growing up in Farmington MI. Influenced at a young age by his mother playing early rhythm and blues records Hans adopted a clear talent for writing songs. By age 10 Hans began writing songs and lyrics composing the melody in his head. When Hans received his first guitar at age 13 he immediately joined a band and played gigs through Jr. high and high school achieving major media promotion and acclaim on the Bob Hines show on ABC TV network. Teaming up with Gary Herman in the early stages of his career Hans and Gary wrote and produced a plethora of songs to add to there band called Oasis. Moving to Colorado in the late 70’s Hans continued his musical per suites eagerly with local musicians in the Denver area. In keeping a close relationship with his longtime friend and writing partner Gary, Hans persisted to writ songs and lyrics to broaden his catalog of hit songs. Hans currently plays in the Detroit area with the Drugstore Cowboys and continues to write songs, play a mean lead guitar and sing his heart.


Carl LaBorde


Carl “Larkee” LaBorde grew up in the small town of Highland, MI. Influenced by his older sisters records (Eagles, Bay City Rollers, Fleetwood Mac, Kansas, Beatles, Devo …etc..) Carl started playing guitar at the ripe age of 10.
Playing mostly with neighborhood friends in the beginning Carl picked up on the Bass guitar, Lead Guitar, Drums, Piano and Vocals. Playing mostly as a Lead Guitarist Carl has contributed to many acts including, Vudu Hippies, De-T-Riot, Full Blown Addiction to name a few and has graced the stage warming up for acts like: Eddie Money, Barenaked Ladies, Cracker, Dweezil Zapa, Counting Crows.


Doug Belanger


Doug “Big-Time” Belanger born on the 4th of July 1951 in Claremont New Hampshire became interested in music at 3yrs old and introduced to the drums at 5 years old.

In the early years of his upbringing Doug has been a stage dance performer and marching band percussionist. Playing the rock scene since 1966 in several bands like the Rebels Of Sound and This Side Up. After suffering a severe injury which he lost half of his movement he retrained his body to recapture the drumming technique he was taught as a young percussionist.

Playing with fellow bandmate Hans Wenklert in the early 80’s in a band named Fresh, Doug established a repertoire with local artists and producers. Traveling back to his native home town in New Hampshire he enjoyed the spotlight with several bands like Eureka Flight and The Sharks.

Playing in cover bands and recording since 1994, Doug brought his style and rhythm back to the Mid West to find success with Whiskey Cat. Till this day Doug continues to wow crowds with his bullet tight percussion with Drugstore Cowboys.


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