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Background Information




Pop, Rock

Years Active

2012 - Present


Dude Music


Tony DeNardo - lead vocals, bass
Matt Hamann - lead guitar, vocals
James Anthony - lead guitar, vocals
Stephen Garcia - rhythm guitar, vocals
Zach Pliska - drums

Past Members

Todd Glass, Charlie Palazzola


Dude is Tonymuggs' band, dude! Tonymuggs has been a songwriter since he was able to make two chords on a guitar-- dude! Going back in time, before the Muggs, Tony DeNardo was writing songs for his band Fat Belly Brown in the mid 1990's. Along with his musical brother Danny Methric, DeNardo was in a blues band called Detroit Underground Band and Fat Belly Brown. Methric had the brilliant idea of combining the two genres, rock and blues, just like his heroes of the British Blues movement in the late 1960's and thus, the Muggs were born in February 2000. But as fate would have it, DeNardo suffered a life threatening hemorrhagic stroke or aneurysm, on September 4th 2001. He was completely paralyzed on the right side of his body and was also unable to speak, having what's called aphasia.

After almost 2 years of rigorous physical, occupational and speech therapy, DeNardo discovered he could play bass guitar again, however this time playing through a Fender Rhodes Piano Bass with only his left hand, while still having paralysis in his right hand and arm. The Muggs reformed on September 2nd 2003 and went on to do amazing accomplishments since then including National T.V. fame on FOXs American Idol spin off flop called the Next Great American Band, 5 full length album releases (so far), licensing/publishing their music for major motion pictures and multiple tours of Europe among their other achievements. Throughout the years, Tonymuggs kept songwriting and in 2012, released his first full length album entitled Kid Gloves. This first LP was a collection autobiographical songs before and after his stroke, some of which date back to 1996. Today, Dude is completing his second full length album entitled Autobiograffitti due out sometime in 2018 and he has just added 3 new members to his new live band. Zach Pliska replaces Todd Glass on drums, and Matt Hamann (and) James Anthony have replaced the great Charlie Palazzola on lead guitar. .


Tony DeNardo

Dude 6.jpg

Tonymuggs story begins well before Dude dude! He is writing an autobiography currently in 2017/2018 and hopes to get it published as soon as it's done so the world can see through the lens of a dude that dared to dream big! The Muggs are a huge part of this ongoing story so please stay tuned for more music from Dude and the Muggs dudes!



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