Citizen Smile

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Citizen Smile
Citizen Smile Logo.jpg
Background Information




Rock, Pop

Years Active

2005- Present


James Brown - Vocals, Guitar
Kory Kopchick - Guitar, Vocals
Ricky Ruggero - Bass
Will Shattuck - Drums


Citizen Smile L-R: Will Shattuck, Ricky Ruggero, James Brown, Kory Kopchick

Citizen Smile is an indie pop rock band formed by childhood friends, James Brown and Kory Kopchick. After the two attempted several different projects, Citizen Smile officially took shape in 2005. The band draws influence from groups such as Wilco, Nada Surf and Weezer, while adding in their own mix of energy and raw emotion. Brown's hook-heavy vocal melodies combine with the paradoxical in-your-face atmospheric guitar playing of Kopchick and the steady, yet interestingly syncopated rhythms of drummer Will Shattuck and bassist Ricky Ruggero to create songs with a simplistic, catchy structure. The band undoubtedly plays with a metaphoric nod toward the Detroit rock music scene, all the while doing so with the infamous hook pushing its way to the forefront of each song.


CD's/Digital downloads:


  • Merry Christmas From Citizen Smile (5/2012) Bandcamp


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