Black Irish

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Black Irish
Black Irish Logo-1.jpg
Background Information





Years Active

2009 - 2012
2016 - Present


Elliott Moses - Guitar
Paul Barning- Vocals, Organ
Dylan McCarty - Drums
Matt LaPinta - Bass
Matt Hamann - Guitar
Steve Nowicki - Percussion

Title row 5

Shane Sanders, Jesse Wazniak, Tony DiCello. Skip Denomme


Black Irish is a Detroit rock band that was formed on St. Patrick's Day 2009 over some dark beer and an idea that they could build a band based on the songs as the focus. The band has attained a real following of fans in a short time due to playing with some of their all-time idols in the music industry. Jeremy Spencer from the original Fleetwood Mac Blues Band (Peter Greene era) was absolutely blown away by one of their first performances. A couple months later saw the guys playing with Mitch Ryder. Then a sold out gig opening for The Hell Drivers helped cement Black Irish as Detroit's best hope for a new generation of Real Authentic Rock "N" Roll.

But as seen with many bands, members come and go, dynamics change and it's just not the same band anymore. They stopped preforming in 2011. Original members Elliot Moses and Paul Barning would restart the band in 2016 playing occasionally.

2018 saw a new year, new beginnings & a new line up. With the addition of Dylan McCarty, Matt LaPinta and Steve Nowicki has had the effect of reigniting the band to the level they had before.


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