Amy's Rehab

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Amy's Rehab
Amy's Rehab.jpg
Background Information




Alternative, Jazz, R&B

Years Active

2017- Present


Christina Reese - (Amy)
Zack Randall - acoustic, electric guitar


Amy’s Rehab is the Nations First Amy Winehouse tribute band. Amy was famous for her acoustic performances as well as her big band appearances at many festivals and venues. Amy’s Rehab now offers an acoustic option to their full orchestra option as well. She was raw, honest and quite humorous as you can tell by her songs. A genuine artist gone way to soon.

Christina Reese (Amy) is also a very soulful singer like the woman she portray’s is hauntingly similar to Amy’s voice and tone. Accompanied by Zack Randall on acoustic or electric guitar the two will bring you a show full of memories you won’t soon forget.


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