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ALIBI 5.jpg
Background Information


Clinton Township


Rock Cover Band

Years Active

2009 - Present


Eight Legged Records


Chris (Z-Bone) Zaccanti - Vocals, Drums
Hank (Da Tank) Pawlak - Guitar, Vocals
Chris Ary - Guitar
Mikey Nellis - Bass, Vocals
Rich Little - Drums, Vocals


Alibi 5 is a Cover Band andhas been playing the Metro Detroit Cover Circuit with the same line up from the start. Their history clicks on stage, they are tight, personable and energetic! Alibi 5 prides themselves on delivering a very diverse, high energy show. Fun is priority one! Their catalog of songs includes a little bit of everything. Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Pop, R&B, Alt Rock, etc. They cater to Baby Boomers, 20 somethings and everything in between! Also in tow at shows are their ever growing following known as The A5 Army.


Chris "Z-Bone" Zaccanti

Chris Zaccanti.jpg

With Chris "Z-Bone" Zaccanti on vocals he does not stop moving from the first note to the last. Your legs will hurt just watching him. His voice is strong and his range is impressive!


Mikey Nellis

Mikey Nellis.jpg

Mikey Nellis on bass plays a mean 5 string. His years of jamming shows in his versatility on stage! The low end is always present and always pleasing to the ears!


Henry "Hank Da Tank" Pawlak

Henry Pawlak.jpg

Henry "Hank Da Tank" Pawlak sharing lead guitar duties is a staple on stage left. His stage presence, dance moves and his guitar shreds are something you will never forget!


Chris Ary

Chris Ary.jpg

Chris Ary is the second half of A5's killer guitar section and shred's on his Strat like lightning is being sent through his finger tips.


Rich Little

Rich Little.jpg

Rich is one of the most solid skin beaters in the area. Solid, versatile and entertaining with his stick twirling mid song shows!



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