AJ Kish Band

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The AJ Kish Band
The AJ Kish Band.jpg
Background Information


Royal Oak


Hard Rock

Years Active

2007 - Present



Jim AJ Kish Jr. - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Gary Kosten - Vocals, Bass
Mark Trupkovich - Drums
Joel Hill - Drums


The AJ Kish Band is Hard Rock power trio based out of Royal Oak, MI fronted by Jim "AJ" Kish. Formed in 2007 as a side project by music veteran Jim AJ Kish Jr. The band consists of members: Jim AJ Kish Jr. - guitar/vocals, Gary Kosten - Bass and Mark Trupkovich - drums.

Jim's main influence from beginning to now is first and foremost his father Jim Kish Sr. From age 4 Jim's dad taught him the ropes on guitar and singing. The two have played under the name Jim & Jim since June of 1995. Jim also plays in a band with his father and brother Nick The band is called Off The Cuff. The band is a fly by the seat your pants group that never turns down an attempt at a requested song.


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